Nonprofit Organisations and Schools


Synergise to help schools and nonprofits

Our commitment is to synergise with schools and nonprofits, to leverage our skill set and the latest technologies to help them build our community and achieve positive results.

We have partnered with the best names in the business to provide high quality, affordable solutions at reduced rates.

IT solutions aimed at the education sector allow students to gain instant access to information and to have creative ways to study and learn. Educators can also present lessons that are interesting and have more of an impact.

With over 17 years of experience in the industry and a team that has a passion for network infrastructure, connectivity and service delivery, there is every reason to believe that outsourcing your IT support to CMS is a necessity if you wish to remain at the forefront of technology and experience growth.

Benefits of choosing CMS as your IT partner include:

Fully integrated IT systems running flawlessly and always available.

Robust firewalls providing limits and safety precautions regarding access to information and potential threats to your network.

The latest technology solutions.

Reliable support systems that are always reachable and provided by a team that understands the needs of your environment.


Don’t take our word for it, this is what our customers say

“Matt, I appreciate how you explain and provide me with clarity.  You and the rest of the CMS team’s professionalism and patience when we have any queries or issues is noted”
Christine Pather

Bursar, John Wesley School

“CMS have been our trusted IT partner for many years.  Their unlimited IT support contract is perfect for us as it allows us to budget accurately and get all the support we need to keep things running smoothly.

Regular IT Alignment meetings help us to keep ahead of any possible future problems, as well as keeping us informed on how things have been going.

Their professionalism and response time is of the highest order and they go out of their way to look after our schools’ IT systems.  We highly recommend CMS to any school looking to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.”

Mr Eddie Pillay

Bursar, North Crest