5 Steps Boost Your Productivity and Work Flow

Jul 30, 2021 | Best Practices

“Time is Money” – Benjamin Franklin. The world is moving faster each day. The amount of information that business need too process and interpret is staggering. Google alone is process 40000 searches, a second! How do we keep up and maintain a good productivity rate? The CMS IT team loves to keep things simple. We have five simple ways to boost our productivity and yours, so that you can focus on what you need to focus on.

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow computer that just does not deliver. You may find yourself making three cups of coffee, before your apps warm up and decide to work. Before you throw your machine out the window or buy a new one, have you looked into Solid-State Drives?

Solid-State Drives

An affordable way to boost your productivity.
Here are some benefits of a SSD:

• Speed – Open your files 30% quicker & cut your boot up time down.
• Longer Lasting – SSD last 3 times longer than HDD.
• Quieter & Cooler – No moving parts means zero noise.
• Less Power Usage – Extend your battery life.
• Resistant to Voltage Fluctuations – Built-in power failure circuitry to back up data in the event of voltage drops.

A SSD upgrade is a great way to boost you productivity, and love your machine again.

Once you have your SSD installed and your machine is purring, it’s time to unleash it’s full potential. The next step in boosting your productivity is, screen real estate. Using two monitors gives you a massive increase in efficiency.

Duel Screen Benefits:

• Simple to use & easy to setup. Generally just plug it into your machine via a HDMI cable.

• Works with desktops & laptops & some tables.

• Reduces Desktop clutter.

What you can do:

• Team Meetings – One screen with your live video and the second with collaboration content or your presentation.

• Compare critical data.

• Enhance your gaming experience.

A dual monitor setup is one of many ways to boost productivity, collaboration, and communication in the workplace. There are rarely any situations when one monitor is better than two.

The third way to boost your productivity is to make use of SharePoint.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a customizable web application that can integrate with various other Microsoft services, such as Hosted Exchange & your OneDrive. It can store documents for your team to access. It can house checklists for your team to work on. An advanced SharePoint programmer can create advanced customized workflows for your business using SharePoint which you can use to track leads, sales, orders, or internal projects.

This means by using SharePoint: 

• You stay up and running, no matter what happens.

• Your Data is secure and controlled in the Microsoft Servers

• You can work anywhere at anytime on any device.

• There are predictable monthly cost.

• You have no more licensing mess!

• There is larger mailbox storage per user.

• Team members have greater real time collaboration.

Company wide collaboration, means you work towards the same goals and everyone can move together!

The best part is that SharePoint is included in all of the Microsoft Business licences, and CMS IT offers competitive licence and setup costs.

Get your Microsoft 365 licence from R90.00 ex vat per user.

Microsoft Teams

Connecting with your staff and team members no matter where they are will give you the edge you need. Another great app that is part of your Microsoft 365 Business licence is Teams.

The Teams app boosts your collaboration, communication and project management. Microsoft Teams gives you direct access to the files you need to work on and the ability to share this with your staff within the app.

Easily share your screen with colleagues in a Teams Meet or use Whiteboard to get your ideas across to the team. You can even ‘wow’ clients with presentations that engage and inspire on the meet.

Teams is a great productivity booster and communication tool.

CMS IT makes use of SharePoint and MS Teams on a daily basis to bring you the best possible service we can.

Alternative Power

The one thing that every company needs to be productive is power. When the lights go off and your servers switch off your staff turn off. Downtime due to power failures and load shedding can bring massive losses to a company.

We offer wired into DB backup power solutions or stand alone plug in solutions. We can also help reduce cost by implementing a solar solution.

Gone are the days when investing in solar would take 20 years to see a return on investment. We are seeing 4-5 year return on investment.

Keep your IT systems running with our backup power and solar solutions that are customised to suit your needs and budget. We keep your lights on so that your company can remain productive when your competitors can’t.

Five ways to boost your productivity! Connect with us to see how else we can help you and your team.