An Early Christmas for CAST

Jun 11, 2021 | Company Newsletters


COVID-19 has ravaged our Nation leaving many with out food, Jobs and even a place to call home. CMS IT has teamed up with CAST to bring some form of relief to those most effected.
For the month of July CMS IT will look to boost CAST and help them reach as many of these families in Durban as we can.

We asked Gorge Mwaura head of Public relations to introduce CAST and give us an overview of CAST’s plans for 2021.

CAST is one of many registered NPOs operating across the country. We provide tangible help to South Africa’s most vulnerable communities. The organization partners with local churches & business’s to provide critical services to the poorest households in thirteen communities across KZN.

What CAST did during 2020
As a result of the National lockdown in 2020, CAST suspended its regular community development programmes, which include: child literacy, creative arts, sports teams, youth resilience, and micro-business development and support. Despite this, CAST continued with the commitment to serve people in need through our partner Churches and organizations. CAST not only provided the additional food parcels and hygiene items so necessary at this time, but also found different ways to continue journeying with programme participants:

Our Child Literacy Programme was adapted from onsite tuition in schools to providing home literacy packs, empowering parents and care-givers with the tools to ensure the continued cognitive development of their children. The Local Economic Development team used digital platforms to continue training, guidance and moral support to our entrepreneurs, many of whom took part in CAST’s first flea market held in Westville which showcased their locally-made products. As an alternative to our annual Sport & Youth camps and Resilience Life Skills classes in schools, small workshops and ‘Day Camps’ were organized for the young men and women where it was allowed, and an online support network was formed.

Our plans are for 2021
In 2021, CAST is refocusing as a result of covid-19 pandemic to better serve the communities. We recently conducted the Greenlight Movement survey with 215 families in nine communities in KZN. The Greenlight Movement survey is a tool used not only to identify the pressing needs in each family, but also highlights the available resources that most of these families already have.

In the coming months, CAST will be working with these families and many others to map out a way to address those needs that will specifically impact their future development. CAST will be assisting through the provision of food parcels and warm clothing, especially as winter approaches, as well as training the families on subsistence farming so that they can grow fruit and vegetables for consumption and to sell. The sufficient access to nutritional food still remains a challenge for families that have lost their primary sources of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us in uplifting these families by donating R300 towards supplying each family with seeds and farming tools. Your support can make a difference!

We are so excited July, and to be able to partner with the amazing team of CAST to reach our community.

Head over to CAST’s website to get a bigger look into what they do.