Is antivirus software a waste of money?

Mar 3, 2017 | Best Practices

Why pay for antivirus?

One big difference between free and paid antivirus is the support.
Free antivirus is a do it yourself support that involves you trying to look online at forums and communicate with other users to try and solve your problems.
Paid for antivirus comes with a support structure that generally allows you to speak to an actual human who will assist you one-on-one to solve any issue you may be facing.

Another big difference between free and paid antivirus are the features.
Free antivirus does not come with all the same advanced features of a paid-for antivirus.
Paid for antivirus is, therefore, more secure than a free one.
Free antivirus products also have the ‘Nag Factor’ which is the annoying banners, pop-ups, and adverts urging the user to upgrade to the paid version.

But can I get away with it?
Free antivirus software can be sufficient if the computer doesn’t access the internet or have email on it. In cases where it is just used for playing games and doesn’t store any important data on it. Otherwise, it is not advised.

The Bottom Line:
Free antivirus can be an effective security solution if coupled with other free applications, such as free anti-spyware and free firewall software. However, users of free antivirus software have to be more proactive and aware as they are not getting the same level of security. For these reasons, anyone who is not well-versed in computers should rather get a paid for a solution with all the features, support and peace of mind.

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