Don’t fix your own IT problems

Nov 21, 2016 | Best Practices

5 reasons why busy people shouldn’t fix their own IT problems.

1. You don’t have the time
Let’s face it: you’re busy. You barely have enough hours in the day to get everything done. When you do get a spare five minutes there’s still a backlog of tasks that take priority. You don’t have time to tinker with an IT problem, no matter how quickly you think you can solve it. (and the chances are it’ll take longer than expected)

2. IT problems aren’t your thing
You keep the business running in your own way: you manage clients and accounts. Even if you think of yourself as a bit of a techy because you once fixed your mum’s Wi-Fi connection, business IT is a different case. A clumsy fix can be more damaging than the original problem, especially if it creates a security risk or causes data loss.

3. Don’t self-diagnose
Sometimes an IT problem isn’t always what it seems. What looks like a simple issue could have a more serious cause that untrained eyes can’t spot. If you don’t live and breathe technology then you won’t know whether a crashing server is because of a loose wire or a malicious attack. The longer these unknown causes go undetected the more damage they can cause in the long run.

4. You don’t want that responsibility
Trust us, you don’t. If you try to fix what you don’t understand and you cause a bigger problem then the blame’s on you – and that could be a career-limiting misstep if it affects the firm’s operations, reputation or customer confidence.

5. You’re too expensive
You know how to do your job and you do it well. That’s why the firm charges so much money for your time. So why waste even a minute of that valuable time with a task that somebody better qualified can handle? Stick to what you know and leave the IT problems to your trusted IT partner – that way everyone’s happy.


Source credit: The Final Step blog