June 2017 Newsletter

Jun 29, 2017 | Company Newsletters

How to improve your productivity

Did you know that using a second monitor can increase your productivity by 30%? As you can see, we practice what we preach!

Ways to ramp up productivity

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Are we in for load shedding again?

We are dependent on appliances that work with electricity and when there is no power supply, all productivity comes to a grinding halt! However, you can be prepared for these power interruptions so when the load shedding hits, your computer will be protected and you can continue working. Let us help you safeguard your hardware today!

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One for All!

We have added departmental email groups to help clients with receiving assistance faster than ever before. Now that we have more than one person waiting for your email, you can rest assured that you will receive a speedy response to your enquiry.

We know how much you love chatting to us, so if you prefer we will always be available to take your call on (031) 266 4467.

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We hate Goodbyes . . .

Calvin Meiring

Sadly we bid farewell to Calvin. This mover and shaker has graduated, got engaged, married and is moving countries. He’s achieved a lot in a short space of time personally and professionally. He has been a real asset to our team. All of the very best on your new adventures.

But we love Hello’s 


We’re delighted to announce the appointment of our new technician, Rahul Ganasee. Rahul is a Varsity College graduate and his systematic approach to solving IT problems has seen him learn the ropes in no time. Welcome to the team and we wish you great success with us.

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Another smarter way to pay!

Last month we told you how we offer various finance options. This month we are considering credit card facilities. You can get an extra 30 days on your credit card, plus earn points or rewards from your own bank. Is this something you would like?

Complete our 2 question survey and let us know. The survey is super easy and fast. Promise!

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