May 2017 Newsletter

May 2, 2017 | Company Newsletters

NSA leak and cyber threats to be aware of

Several vulnerabilities with Windows platforms have recently been identified. This follows a major security breach of the US National Security Agency in which a number of their internal-use hacking tools were released into the public domain. The breach essentially makes these tools available for download to anyone with the know-how on the internet.

How to protect yourself from vulnerabilities

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Watch: Do Apple Macs need anti-virus software?

The question of whether Apple Macs need antivirus isn’t a new one, we get asked this all the time. There are no technical reasons why the Mac OS cannot be targeted by cybercriminals. When you consider that Macs are expensive, and so their owners tend to be wealthier than the average PC users, they start to look like an attractive target.

In many ways security software exists to save you from making bad decisions – installing apps that appear to offer something for nothing, but turn out to be spyware or viruses. Even Mac users can fall victim in this way. So for the price of a cup of coffee each week, it makes sense to install security software and then forget all about it.

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When was the last time your computer had a check-up and service?

Computers may have become a lot more user-friendly over the past decade, but they’re still far from perfect. They require a certain amount of configuration and maintenance to operate at their full potential. Unfortunately, because we humans are also far from perfect, we frequently don’t put in the work we should, and we end up with a slower, sloppier, less secure machine as a result. We love making computers work better, so leave it to us.

Book my computer in for a service

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Calvin has been doing very well recently. He graduated from Varsity College with distinction for his diploma in Information Technology, Networking Management. He was top of his class.
And to top it all off he got engaged to the lovely lady on his right – proving that smart guys do get the girls. Congratulations Calvin and Cheilla! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and success.

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Don’t forget our incentives programme

To reward our already loyal clients, we are offering an incentive for sending their friends, family or acquaintances to us for awesome business IT solutions. We will give you a cash incentive of R1000 for every referral that signs up to our monthly unlimited IT support contract.

Send us a referral

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Free IT Consultation

We are currently offering any business interested in Office 365, a free IT consultation and an obligation free quote. The first 20 clients get the first month subscription for FREE.

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A smarter way to pay

We offer rental agreements for acquisitions over R50,000.

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