Will you be a statistic this year?

Mar 3, 2017 | Best Practices

Did you know?

25% of PC users lose data every year.

60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster.


Are you at risk of losing your data?!

Anti-virus is your first step in protecting your data against viruses and attacks, but it does not protect you from the following.

1 – Hardware failure

2 – User error

3 – Loss or theft of a device

4 – Natural disaster

5 – Accidents

6 – Software errors

7 – Problems with software upgrades or updates


How secure is my data on my hard drive?

Hard drives are great but 1 in 4 hard drives fail in a 4-year period.

Reasons for hard drive failure include.

1 – Mechanical failure of the actuator arm

2 – Dust between the head and the disk

3 – Power interruption

4 – Circuit board failure

5 – Magnetic damage


What should I be doing to protect myself?

You should have 3 copies of your data.

1 – Your primary copy that you work on.

2 – Your onsite backup.

3 – Your offsite backup (cloud is best)


But it’s not all doom and gloom!

CMS IT has all of this covered, all you need to do is implement it.


We have a great anti-virus product that connects to our cloud server and reports all incidents and alerts to us.

So you don’t just get anti-virus, you get free weekly checks / monitoring to ensure nothing gets missed.

Offsite Backup:

We have a great cloud backup solution that runs seamlessly in the background.

We also have the ability to monitor and manage this from our end.

Hosted Exchange:

Backing up email is usually a nightmare as the file/s are so large and it cannot be done while the email is open or in use.

This is why we implement hosted exchange. This solution keeps all your email in the cloud at all times.


All of these great solutions are managed in the background or in the cloud, meaning less disruptions on your side.

So don’t just protect yourself, improve your productivity!


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